Callaghan Construction


When you need home improvement, you want someone who you can trust with your home – a contractor with in-depth experience, extensive resources and meticulous attention to detail.


At Callaghan Construction, we strive to build not merely with efficiency, but with purpose — to construct more than walls and structures but, rather, to empower people and create communities as well.

For over 20 years, Callaghan Construction has worked to develop, revitalize, and strengthen New York City’s communities. In that time, our mission has been one of neighborhood renewal through the practical application of experience and craftsmanship, resulting in quality housing and desirable businesses.

We have extensive experience in gut-renovations, historic buildings, and modern design. As one of New York’s most ambitious and driven construction companies, Callaghan Construction consistently develops high-quality properties that are visually stunning, on time, and within budget.

Our growth stems from positive interaction with neighbors and community members. A first generation immigrant from Ireland, our Founder, William O’Callaghan, prides himself on always upholding our commitment to the communities in which we develop. From start to finish, we ensure that each project respects our client’s unique vision, while fostering a culture of open ended collaboration. Our strong relationships with not-for-profit community groups, and both local and M/WBE subcontractors makes us a full-service catalyst for virtually any project. In our focus areas, we invest considerable energy towards improving civic and economic health, encouraging vital new business growth such as supermarkets, banks, coffee shops, restaurants, and retail.

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